Obviously, not all of us carry a laptop computer around all the time, so the Toilet Map has been designed to work on Apple iPhones as well.

The iPhone app can be downloaded for just £1.19 and gives you full access to the list of toilets in the database.

As you would expect, the iPhone app automatically zooms into your location and shows you all the toilets within a short walking distance.

To buy the iPhone app, just click here or search for ToiletMap in your apps store.

Future upgrades to the App software will be offered free of charge.

The app includes updates to the database for at least a year.


A "feature" of how a webapp works in the Apple iPhone means it will ask for location permissions via a lengthy text window each time the app is started.

It doesn't affect how the app works, but is a bit of a nuisance - the developers are working on a fix which will be sent out free once it is ready.